Yvonne Bourgoin (1954)

After having worked as a restorator of paintings and furniture she took the path of creativity in 2005. She considers herself a painter, yet instead of using physical paint she applies her strokes digitally. Not using software like Painter, as one might expect, but Adobe's Photoshop.

With her "Digital Paintings" she has become quite famous in the world of Second Life (a virtual community, residing on the internet); quite an ideal platform for this type of work.
She also runs a gallery in this virtual world, where besides her own, also works of others are exposed and for sale, next to her manufactures of exclusive and artistic textures (templates to skin objects build by residents of Second Life).

By popular demand she has decided to "break out" of the virtuallity and confront the real world with her wonderful paintings. Her quite unique work is, first of all, about Colour. She is inspired by the beauty of flowers and nature, but also dreams up landscapes of an imaginative past and an unforseen future.